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Born in Kelowna, raised in Osoyoos, graduated in Summerland and married in Penticton, Chad literally has a lifetime experience in the Okanagan Valley. Over the course of many years, Chad has worked in the home renovation and building supply industry. What began as forced labour into the family business turned into a prolific management career emphasizing the value of commitment, collaboration and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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The same principal that dictated his years in retail is the same principal that guides his real estate career. Customers first. With that background and mindset, Chad brings an extraordinary set of skills to the table; his knowledge of the home renovation and building supply industry, his client management skillset, his multitask abilities in a fast paced environment and his meticulous attention to the details. 

Chad is married to his ever patient and supportive wife Laura and together they have one amazing son, Kieran. Ideally, if Chad was trying to fit in with others or sound cool this is where he would say he loves to mountain climb, base jump or spend hours rebuilding truck engines but, let’s be real. Chad enjoys being with family and friends, cooking and streaming a good movie. See, he understands the importance of a home!

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